Our Principles

The Art We Practice

We practice the Korean art of Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is not just kicks and punches, it demands mastery of the whole body, not just individual parts.

Challenging techniques ranging from quick and spontaneous movements to slow graceful flowing movements give not only variety but also challenge everyone, both the young and the young-at-heart.

We demonstrate courage, discipline, confidence and humility through our sincere efforts in training and our behaviour towards others.


All members shall contribute, wherever possible, to the betterment of Tang Soo Do. Voluntary action and commitment (which by definition is free, spontaneous, and willing) is in perfect keeping with the principles of Tang Soo Do.

Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art and not a sport. It is not a game to be played solely for the sake of winning; rather a physical and intellectual activity designed to foster physical, mental and spiritual health.

As a classical martial art, Tang Soo Do aims to develop and express the individual’s true self, not the false self or aggrandisement.

As its major focus is on interior development, competition by groups or individuals is of minor usefulness in realising individual potential.

Every practitioner of Tang Soo Do must do his/her utmost to retain the purity of this art and not debase it in any way.

Man is at his best in helping others – at his worst in bettering others.

When we train in Tang Soo Do, we don’t face a “game” or contest, but physical, mental, and spiritual interaction between ourselves and our art. As such, the benefit that we gain from this practice is immediate and enduring. Whether we meet an outside challenge or face our own weakness, we build our character on a strong foundation of discipline, replacing the temporary situation of victory or defeat with the lasting benefits of greater self-esteem and self-confidence

Set the Example

Members shall conduct themselves at all times as an example of what a proper martial artist should be. The very fact that one studies Tang Soo Do makes one an example of the state of the art. It is a responsibility members shall bear seriously and proudly. Particular emphasis is placed on genuineness in training, courtesy, respect and discipline.