Brief History of Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art. As an art form it is concerned with theory, form and aesthetics. As a traditional martial art Tang Soo Do draws on the accumulated wisdom of Korean, Chinese and Japanese martial artists from the past and present.

Tang Soo Do is based on the traditional martial arts of Korea. During the occupation of Korea, all Korean martial arts training was forbidden by the Japanese, and practitioners were forced to go to Japan or Okinawa for school or work and while they were there they learned Japanese styles. Others went to China where they practised Chinese martial arts. After the liberation of Korea many of these people returned to Korea to teach martial arts and brought these different styles with them. One of these was Grandmaster Hwang Kee who founded Tang Soo Do in 1945, a style which is both hard and soft using hands and feet to great effect.

Martial arts training enhances all aspects of your life. Considerable importance is placed on basics, courtesy, sincerity, respect and discipline. Martial arts training builds character, confidence, coordination of mind and body, concentration, calmness, physical fitness and self defence. Tang Soo Do training is for the ordinary person, however, it is up to the subpage how far he/she wishes to pursue the art.

Every care is taken to ensure safe training, however it must be clearly understood that injuries, while extremely rare, can and do occur because of the very nature of the activity. This must be fully understood and accepted by the student or parent/guardian before starting your career in martial arts. Nothing worthwhile is ever gained easily and dedication and regular training are necessary to ensure a high standard.

Tang Soo Do can become a way of life which does not promote violence. Our way of teaching makes a student aware of, and respectful of others. When you become fitter, more controlled and centered in body and mind you become a healthy, happy person, which is our aim – betterment of the self.

If you are sincere and train hard, Tang Soo Do will help you in many ways throughout your life.

Welcome to Tanner Tang Soo Do

Master Steve Tanner
No. 29082

About the Instructor

  • Name: Sa Bom Steve Tanner
  • Title: Sa Bom (Master Level Instructor 4th Dan and Above)
  • Years Practiced: Over 24 years
  • Owner/Master of Club: 12 years
  • Trained Overseas in Singapore and Malaysia
  • 4th Dan grading completed in front of Grand Master Soo Bahk Do H.C. Hwang

Some kind words from Students and Parents

“I really liked partner work and the warm ups because it was fun. I started to get confidence to defend myself when I was training


My name is Tony. I’ve been Training in Tanner Tang Soo Do for over seventeen years now and I am (1 Dan) black belt.

Tanner Tang Soo Do has given me focus and increased my awareness of both my body and mind, and has provided me a sense of community through Martial Arts. Working my way through the ranks to now being both a black belt and current adults trainer, allows me to communicate and interact with likeminded people who are focused on improving themselves both inside and out. Tanner Tang Soo Do is both a functional and effective Martial Arts school, as well as a great community of people sharing in the learning Martial Arts.

What sets Tanner Tang Soo Do apart from other schools are the more subtle skills that are taught such as focus, discipline and awareness, which all flow into so many other aspects of my life and it also gives me a great sense of achievement when you can improve someone’s life and learning through this great school.


“I really enjoyed training under Sa Bom Nim Steve Tanner. He is extremely patient and calming.

It was a fun learning environment and the teaching methods were very straight forward and relaxed.”


“It has been one of the most rewarding journeys I have undertaken in my life. Training with Sa Bom Nim in his school is not just a martial arts school but importantly a way of life.

It teaches you so many valuable lessons such as patience, discipline, humility, resilience and develops both your internal and external energy and strength. I highly recommend this school to anyone who values the true and traditional form of martial arts”