Welcome to Tanner Tang Soo Do

Training Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Beginners Classes: 6pm to 7pm

Advanced Classes: 6pm to 8pm

COVID-19 restrictions

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For further clarification, you can check Coronavirus (COVID-19) (nt.gov.au) for up to date restrictions

The achievements of real “health” means not only physical conditioning, but improving psychological and mental attitudes. Compare investment, time, fun, excitement, and overall results of Tang Soo Do with other health improvement programs, and you’ll soon see the difference!

Some kind words from Students and Parents

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly great students over the years,
here is just a small selection of their words of appreciation. 

“It has been one of the most rewarding journeys I have undertaken in my life. Training with Sa Bom Nim in his school is not just a martial arts school but importantly a way of life.

It teaches you so many valuable lessons such as patience, discipline, humility, resilience and develops both your internal and external energy and strength. I highly recommend this school to anyone who values the true and traditional form of martial arts”


“I really enjoyed training under Sa Bom Nim Steve Tanner. He is extremely patient and calming.

It was a fun learning environment and the teaching methods were very straight forward and relaxed.”


“Tanner Tang Soo Do has given me focus and increased my awareness of both my body and mind, and has provided me a sense of community through Martial Arts. 

What sets Tanner Tang Soo Do apart from other schools are the more subtle skills that are taught such as focus, discipline and awareness, which all flow into so many other aspects of my life and it also gives me a great sense of achievement when you can improve someone’s life and learning through this great school.”