18 May 2020. 

Due to the easing of restrictions, we are now able to resume junior classes on Tuesday 19th May. Students should be aware that

1. You are to bring your own water bottle.
2. You must maintain safe distancing of 1.5 m – classes will be modified to allow for safe distancing.
3. Practice safe hand hygiene. Always cough or sneeze into your arm and use hand sanitiser afterwards.
4. Sanitise hands before and after class.
5. Entry and departure will be by separate pathways.
6. Parents will not be able to stay near the training area during the session. Spectators are strictly prohibited.
7. Students who are unwell should not attend classes.

Please contact us on 0414 515 298 or steve@tannertangsoodo.com if you have any queries.

Looking forward to seeing you at training.

Regards Sa Bom
Steve Tanner


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